What is a layout and how do I create one?

A layout allows you to display more than one type of content on a screen. 

To create a layout, go to Layouts under the Displays tab on the left. Click 'Create Layout' in the top right. 

The blue rectangle will always contain your main playlist, while the smaller rectangles are zones in which an app will display. You can opt for one zone or two (pictured above). The left diagram represents a horizontal (landscape) display, while the right diagram represents a vertical (portrait) display. Select your desired layout, then click 'Next' in the top right. 

Select the dropdown to the right of one of the zones to select which app you'd like to display in that zone. Zones are referred to by color for your convenience. Click 'Next' when you're finished.

Lastly, select the display(s) on which you'd like the layout to show. Click 'Save'.

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