How do I manage my users and teams?

How to manage users

Click the grid icon in the top right corner, then click 'Manage Users'. 

Here you'll see all of your users along with their name, email, user role, and team. 

Under the Status column, a color will indicate the user's status: active (green), email address not verified (orange), or suspended account (gray). You can filter users by status using the dropdown menu.

Under the Action column, you'll see a teal menu icon corresponding to each user. Click it and you'll see options to edit the user, basic on the status of their user account. 

For any user, clicking 'Edit User' will take you to the user's settings. You can then change their language, role or team assignment:

For active users, you'll also see the option to suspend their accounts. Suspending an account makes it inactive until an Administrator reactivates it.

For users whose email address is not verified, you'll see the option send the user another verification email:

And for suspended users, you'll see the option to reactivate the account: 

How to manage teams

Go to the Teams tab. There you'll see all of your teams if you've created any. 

Clicking the teal magnifying glass icon will show you a clear list of users or displays associated with a team:

To edit a team, click the teal menu icon to the right of it, then click 'Edit team'.

You'll be taken to the team's settings, where you can alter the name of the team, the users on the team, and the displays the team can control. 

When you're finished editing the team, click 'Save' in the upper right.

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