How do I create a playlist?

A playlist is a sequence of content to be played on your display(s). 

Under the Playlists tab on the left sidebar, you'll find the following sub-menu items:

Go to 'My Playlists' and click 'Create Playlist' in the upper right. 

1. You'll begin on the Select Your Content step. You can sort the content by file type (video, PDF, graphic), upload date and file name.

Select the content you'd like to add to your playlist. Note how you can add multiple quantities of the same content, if you'd like it to show up more than once in the playlist. You can also change how many seconds graphics and PDFs display for, as well as change the order of the content by dragging and dropping. Click the 'x' button to remove content from the playlist.

Click 'Next' in the upper right to move onto the Schedule step. 

2. You'll see a few different scheduling options. Schedule for Later allows you to set specific dates and times for the playlist to start and stop playing. Limit Days allows you to choose which days of the week the playlist will play. Limit Time allows you to specify during which hours of the day the playlist will play.

Select Priority Play to bypass all other scheduling of any playlist, and push the current playlist to your display(s) immediately. 

Click 'Next' once you've configured your scheduling options. 

3. Lastly, select the display(s) or display group(s) on which you'd like the playlist to show. User the filters to narrow your search.

Click 'Save' and your playlist is scheduled and live within a few seconds!

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