How do I display an Instagram feed?

The CrownTV dashboard allows you to display a feed of Instagram posts from certain accounts, and/or posts that include certain hashtags of your choosing. You can also exclude hashtags. Here is how to use this app. 

1. Add the Instagram Feed app to My Apps

In the dashboard, go to the App Store. Hover over the Instagram Feed app and click 'Add this App'. 

2. Configure your Instagram Feed

Name your feed, then click 'Login with Facebook'. 

In the window that pops up, log into your Facebook account that is connected to your Instagram account. You'll need an Instagram Business Account – find out how to set one up here

Select the Instagram Business Account you'd like to use, then click 'Next':

And the Facebook Page, then click 'Next':

On the next page, select YES or NO to what you are comfortable with, but know that the app may not work properly if you select NO to any of the options. When you're finished, click 'Done', and on the next screen click 'OK'.

On the next page, select your page again and click 'Save'.

Next, type in the Instagram account(s) and/or hashtag(s) you'd like to display on your feed, as well as any hashtag(s) you'd like to exclude. You'll need to include the @ for accounts and the # for hashtags. Click the blue + button to add more accounts or hashtags, and the red trash can icon to delete accounts or hashtags as necessary.

Now choose your layout. Depending on which layout you select, you may also need to choose the number of seconds each post or set of posts displays on the screen, the number of posts to display, and if you'd like your Instagram account handle to show at the bottom of the screen.

When you're finished, click 'Add App'. 

3. Preview your Instagram Feed

In App Store > My Apps, you'll see your newly created Instagram Feed. Hover over it and click 'Preview' to see what your feed will look like on your screen(s), and adjust the app's settings if necessary.

4. Add Instagram Feed app to a playlist

See our series of articles on creating a playlist to learn how to add the app to a playlist and display it on your screen(s).

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