How do I use the Canvas app to create a template?

You can use the Canvas app to create your own custom designed templates to display on your screen(s). Here's how to do it.

1. Add the Canvas app

In the dashboard, go to My Content > Templates. Hover over the Canvas app and click 'Add this App'. 

2. Choose your template's orientation

Select either Landscape or Portrait, depending on the orientation of your screen(s). Then click 'Create my content'.

3. Name your template


4. Choose a background color

Select your background color by using the slider or typing in a hex code. You can also adjust the opacity of the background color you choose. You may also click 'Choose' to upload an image from your desktop and use that as your background.

5. Add text

Notice the features to the right that allow you to align the text and change its font, size, color, style and opacity.

6. Create shapes

Notice the different shapes you can draw, and that you can change the color and opacity.

7. Upload images

If desired, you can add photos from your desktop to your template. You can adjust the opacity of the photo as well.

8. Save and access your template

When you're finished with your template, click 'Save' in the upper right corner. You can then access your template under My Content > Templates > My Templates. To edit the template further, hover over it and click the edit button on the bottom right. You can also preview or delete the template.

9. Add template to a playlist

See our series of articles on creating a playlist to learn how to add your template to a playlist and display it on your screen(s).

Other Features

Note the use of the Undo, Redo, Duplicate, Delete and Position features.

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